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Religion Strikes Again

Today Saudi Arabian authorities executed a woman for practicing sorcery.  Last week, apparently in connection with a Shiite festival, suicide bombers in Afghanistan killed more than sixty people.  Also last week, a court in Saudi Arabia convicted an Australian national of blasphemy and sentenced him to five hundred lashes and one year in prison.  The specific crime was “insulting the companions of the prophet.”  What ever happened to Allah, the merciful and compassionate?  Mercy has it’s limits, I guess.

The belief that an omnipotent god needs to be defended by his human subjects through acts of violence, judicial rulings– or in any way whatsoever–is patently ludicrous.   Why would god need our help at all?  Why do people not see the irony in this?

Aside from the occasional attack on family planning clinics, religionists in the United States tend not to be as violent in their defense of the Lord as some believers in other parts of the world.   But the same mentality that god needs our help in the P.R. department still basically exists.  References to God still permeate our civil life–from “in God we trust”  our legal tender,  to “one nation under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance.  Throughout the coming year presidential candidates will end all their stump speeches with the obligatory “God Bless America.”

Why don’t the people who believe with their whole hearts in god’s omnipotence actually put that proposition to the test?  Let’s see if god can make it on his own.

P.S.   Yet another reason we should wean ourselves from dependence on Saudi Arabian oil:  We have known for many years that oil profits have been used to fund the spread of Wahhabi Islam in sub-Saharan Africa. (Wahhabism is an especially severe expression of the Sunni sect.)   The media doesn’t cover this.



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