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God in the News

Just a few random observations for the day:

  • In his annual Christmas message to the world, Pope Benedict stood on the balcony overlooking the throngs in St. Peter’s Square.  Dressed in magnificent, jewel-encrusted vestments embroidered with gold thread, he decried the “glitter of Christmas” which obscured the true meaning of the day.  What’s Latin for “ironic”?
  • Did you hear that God revealed to Pat Robertson who the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election will be?   But, according to Robertson,  God also told him not to tell anybody.  Can’t make this stuff up.
  • So far I’ve counted at least four Republican  candidates who have said that God told them to run for president.  Will we live to see the day when obeying imaginary voices would automatically disqualify somebody from seeking public office?
  • Evangelical voters have qualms about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.  One of the biggest beefs evangelicals have with Mormonism is its tendency towards polytheism.    And that brings up a question that has always bothered me.  Adherents of the “Abrahamic” faiths often speak as though their monotheism represents some kind of advancement in human development over earlier polytheistic faiths.   But, honestly,  what’s the difference if you believe in one god or many gods?
  • A while back I started saving every article in the New York Times having to do with violence and death caused by religion anywhere in the world. I stopped because it was getting too depressing.  It happens every day.  Really–every, single day.
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