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Functionally Atheist

One of the most powerful arguments against Christianity is the simple fact that most Christians live much of their daily life as if religion simply doesn’t matter that much.  Just a few random observations:

  • As I noted in an earlier post,  Christians are not familiar with the Bible–at all.    For most believers the Bible functions more as a talisman and maybe as the occasional source of an inspirational verse the length of a fortune cookie proverb.  But widespread, in-depth study of the Bible?  Forget it.  Doesn’t happen.  And this speaks volumes.  If people really thought the Bible were the eternal word of the Deity, they wouldn’t be able to tear themselves away from it.
  • Christians like the concept of heaven in the abstract but don’t really look forward to getting there.  In my experience  Christians face death pretty much as all other humans do, believers or non-believers.  If heaven were such a palpable reality, then you would expect Christians to say “congratulations” when another believer is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Despite what they might say, Christians actually do not believe in the efficacy of prayer.   With the possible exception of some Christian Scientists,  most Christians will typically rely on modern medicine in times of illness.  They might pray for healing, but they tend to see  prayer as some kind of supplement to the work of the doctors.  (And while we’re on the topic of healing, I’d like to ask why I have never seen Benny Hinn or other television faith healers cure male-pattern baldness?    That would be amazing to watch!  Plus,  I’ve got a personal stake in the issue.  But apparently hair-growth is nowhere in the miracle worker’s repertoire.)

The point is, despite what Christians might profess to believe about the nature of reality, they generally live their lives as functional atheists.

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  1. February 27, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    I suppose if you use the word ‘Christian’ to mean someone who belongs to a western church, then this might have some merit. But really, this statement at best seems overly simplified. I would wager to say that even if you count western church members, most christians around the world do care about, enough to die or suffer, for their faith. But furthermore, I would object to calling anyone Christian who doesn’t bear the fruit of a changed life in accordance to what they confess. (Matthew 13:1-23)

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